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Same Designer Discipline, new book series!

Local moms and authors pull from their own conversations with their kids to create children’s books with positive messages. Shawna Doyle and Nicole White talk about their partnership with McBride Collection of Stories and why they saw a need for more books like theirs.
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Special Autographed Book Purchase Price of $12.99 + USPS Standard Shipping and Handling Price of $4.00

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Kori Faces Weekend Fun

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I placed my order a few days ago for my 11 yr old daughter who has suffered from asthma since she was 4. With all the medications and steroids she was on over the years her weight has ballooned. She is now on a medication regimen that has the asthma under control. My prayer and goal for her moving forward is to work on getting fit through healthy eating and exercising. She is a voracious reader, and I am excited for her to read about this subject from an African American author’s viewpoint. As a mother, thank you for making this very important topic relevant in a way children can understand and relate to. May God continue to bless and use you as his vessel.
Tallahassee, FL Parent Testimonial
In Kori Faces Weekend Fun, by Shawna Doyle we follow Kori during her week long journey of preparing for track tryouts. Kori is faced with many unhealthy obstacles which would lessen her chances of being chosen for the team. However with the help of her mom and friends she is able to stay focused and maintain self discipline. Dean read the story to Mia London Mia-London as a bedtime story one chapter per day. They loved the color illustrations by HH-Pax and also the way the book flows per day Friday to Monday the day Kori has her tryout.
CoCoa Mocha Kids
Though we just received the book this week, my granddaughter has asked me to read it to her more times than I can count! LOL It is a cute and entertaining story about how Kori faces the challenge of eating healthy as she prepares to try out for a team at school. I found myself laughing at many parts of the story which made it fun for me as an adult. My grand baby has insisted we go to the market and she pick out the ingredients to make the oatmeal recipe included in this book. She normally frowns on oatmeal so this in itself is great. I will be purchasing more copies for my other grands! Highly recommended.
Chicago, IL Grandparent Testimonial

Front CoverKori is excited to finally try out for her third grade track team on Monday, but there is a dilemma…Kori faces weekend fun.

At a Friday track team tryout meeting, Coach told everyone they must maintain self- discipline to follow a balanced diet over the weekend in order to do well at Monday’s tryouts.

  • Does a balanced diet mean that Kori cannot enjoy any or her favorite treats all weekend?

  • Oh no…but what about Kareem’s big roller skating birthday party Saturday!?

  • Does this mean Kori can’t have any of her favorite cake…birthday cake!? 

  • How difficult is it to maintain a balanced diet?

  • Does self- discipline mean no fun? 

  • How will Kori maintain self-discipline through the fun weekend ahead?

Find out these answers and more as we follow Kori on this weekend tale of challenge and choices.

Kori just may find out that maintaining self-discipline is not so difficult…especially with the help of a mother who is a wellness coach; an awesome best friend; and a precocious little sister, who although annoying, loves her big sister.

The journey through Kori’s weekend is fun for children and adults, and includes a great healthy recipe for “Opiemeal” that families can have fun making together!

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