About Designer Discipline

Designer Discipline LLC, is a lifestyle company which encourages people of all walks of life to maintain the discipline to achieve their desired, designed lifestyle.

Designer Discipline guides people in the achievement of their desired, designed lifestyle through inspiration, consulting, products and services…all with a focus on wellness, fitness and fashion.

Designer Discipline LLC, and subsidiaries such as Designer Discipline Books, publishes a successful children’s book series which helps to incorporate the building blocks of success in children, with books that center on the Designer Discipline, Wellness Sketch concept which focuses on, DisciplineEtiquetteNourishment & Physical Activity.

Designer Discipline LLC also offers workshops, and is available for author readings and public speaking engagements geared towards for children, adults and organizations including but not limited to subjects such as:

  • Healthy Living

  • Goal Setting

  • Lost Art of Etiquette

  • Discipline in Fashion

  • Fashionable Outward Expression, and more!


About Shawna, President of Designer Discipline

11129920_10204081567581824_569693099924l7619943_nShawna is the President of Designer Discipline LLC, a lifestyle consulting company which centers on wellness; including aspects of nutrition, goal setting, and work-life balance.

She is an author, educator, public speaker and a Certified Etiquette Consultant.

She has over 15 years of experience in the field of human resources as a successful corporate trainer and public speaker, which has honed her skills as a wellness consultant. Shawna has also served as an educator in the New York City public school system as a special education teacher.

While attending college, Shawna further developed her natural ability of encouraging and helping people, including the youth, via various volunteer programs.  As an AmeriCorps volunteer at an inner city Baltimore Police Athletic League center, she successfully mentored and advised inner city children which lead her to create and serve at the head of  her own non-profit organization.

After experiencing two high risk pregnancies, all while steadily rising in her professional career, she endured a variety of health issues, including anxiety and depression, which lead to her fully embracing a life centered on wellness.

Shawna has matched her education, professional training and life experiences; with her passion for wellness, fitness, and fashion – to create Designer Discipline…a lifestyle company which encourages people of all walks of life to maintain the discipline required to achieve their desired, designed lifestyle.

She is the author of the children’s book series the Wellness Sketch.  Shawna’s first successful published book Kori Faces Weekend Fun, was a success that ranked her among one of the best new featured authors the year of its release.

Shawna is from New York City and recently relocated to the state of Maryland with her husband and two daughters.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Morgan State University in Maryland, and a Master of Science degree from Bernard Baruch College in New York City.  She is a vegetarian and enjoys cooking and baking vegan pastries.

 “I always say I am a work in progress and this is true. Though in no way perfect…after two high risk pregnancies that resulted in significant weight gain and other personal struggles, it is nothing but God’s blessings and discipline that brought me back to this place of comfort while moving towards the self I have designed.
Though not an expert on everything, I have long researched, sought and practiced different methods to obtain my wellness and fitness goals. Fashion is another interest – as looking good, feeling good, and thinking good thoughts go hand-in-hand when it comes to wellness.  Working with the youth and writing has always been my passion.  I am excited about sharing my journey and helping to inspire those looking to have the discipline to achieve their design and a life of wellness.  Let’s travel together!”
-Shawna, President of Designer Discipline

About Our Services

Designer Discipline Youth Services

  • Wellness Sketch Workshops 

  • Wellness Sketch Series Books

Our youth mission is to help prepare youth for success in school, career, and life. We specifically offer workshops that focus on etiquette for today, which build self-esteem and encourage maturity.  These are skills that will serve students well now while in school; soon, when in college; and in the foreseeable future, as adults with careers and eventually families.

Children are told to do well in school, excel in extracurricular activities, be respectful and responsible citizens, do their best, and be successful.  Often, they are not taught the skills needed to foster and design this expected success.

One basic tool to set a child up for success is overall wellness. Designer Discipline Books© helps to incorporate the building blocks of success in children, with books and lessons that center on the Designer Discipline, Wellness Sketch concept which focuses on, Discipline – Etiquette – Nourishment & Physical Activity.

Discipline, to have accountability, responsibility, efficiency and organization. Discipline, to follow a plan of action in the pursuit of achievement of a goal, and overall awareness of responsibility to society.

Etiquette, as it relates to self-respect, respect for others, social skills, professional development, and impact on society.

Nourishment & Physical Activity, to fuel and maintain the body in order to achieve a lifestyle centered on wellness.

The Wellness Sketch Series© and workshops can serve as the foundation for children to become their own personal design of wellness as the little people they are, and the adults they will become.

Through entertaining stories, such as those found in The Etiquette Chronicles© children’s book series; and through informative and fun recipe books, and activity books such as Eat Healthy, Stay Active, Have Fun! children can be entertained and informed as they journey towards adulthood with discipline and wellness.


Wellness Sketch Workshops      

Our Wellness Sketch workshops can be comprehensive and include all three elements, or focus on one.  Some prior sections of workshops include:

  • First Impressions

  • Proper Introductions

  • Basic Manners

  • Goal Setting

  • Account for Your Accountability

  • The Steps to Goal Setting

  • Dress for the Occasion

  • The Power of a Powerful Handshake

  • The Building Blocks of Being a Lady

  • Wellness

  • Interview Question Review (for school or employment)

  • Leadership (Anti-Bullying)

  • Introduction to Formal Dining

  • How to Leave a Lasting Impression

  • The Power of the “Thank You Note”


Juicing Wellness Workshop

13165955_10206456320828625_6058094596601561603_nThis workshop is interactive and consists of a juicing demo where we create our signature green drink, discuss the elements of healthy nutrition, and alternatives to junk food which include green drinks! All students receive a sample of the green drink (if parental permission is received) and complete a wellness activity.



Books & Author Readings


For elementary and middle school students, Designer Discipline Author Readings are offered.  These readings conclude with an activity based on the Wellness Sketch elements.


Eat Healthy, Stay Active, and Have Fun!


Eat Healthy, Stay Active, Have Fun! is the newest book written by Shawna Doyle. In this Wellness Guide and Activity Book, children will have fun learning all about ways to Eat Healthy, Stay Active, and Have Fun! 

Through entertaining stories, such as those found in the funny and enjoyable series Etiquette Chronicles and through informative and fun recipe & activity books such as Eat Healthy, Stay Active, Have Fun! children can be entertained and informed as they journey towards adulthood with discipline and wellness.


Etiquette Chronicles Series (Coming Soon)

Book 1, 10 Rules Every Kid Should Know 

Cover-back-10-Rules-of-Etiquette-Every-Kid-Should-Know_1Etiquette Chronicles © is the new children’s book series from Shawna Doyle. The series provides children with simple basic guidelines to etiquette in fun and modern way by outlining 10 Rules of Etiquette Every Kid Should Know, in the first series installment.

10 Rules of Etiquette Every Kid Should Know outline foundational basic rules to support self-love, good behavior, and basic rules of kindness and respect in a fun interactive way.  The rules are introduced by Kassidy and her little sister Joy who both have the difficult task of being the daughters of a well renowned etiquette coach.  Though well intended, the girls sometimes fall a bit short of their mother’s expectations of what they should know. But what is important is they indeed try…even if they have to sometimes learn that there is a balance between treating others how you would want to be treated, how you think they want to be treated, and how they actually want to be treated!

Readers may follow the funny antics and chronicles of sisters Kassidy and Joy, and their family in the follow-up stories to 10 Rules of Etiquette Every Kid Should Know, as part of the Etiquette Chronicles © series.

Kori Faces Weekend Fun 

Front Cover

Kori Faces Weekend Fun was the first story brought to you by Shawna Doyle. The story is an enjoyable experience for children of all ages and teaches an expanded vocabulary for young readers and critical thinking skills.


Designer Discipline Consulting:

Workshops, Corporate Consulting, Public Speaking

Designer Discipline Consulting offers workshops, corporate consulting,and public speaking services. As an experienced public speaker, certified life coach and certified etiquette consultant; Shawna is qualified to offer public speaking services and/or custom designed workshops for Companies, Corporations, Social Groups, Churches, Youth Groups, Major and Minor Sports Teams, and Schools, in areas such as but not limited to:

  • Wellness

  • Discipline 

  • Etiquette

  • Professionalism

  • Leadership

  • Staff Development 

  • Team Building Strategies

  • Motivation

Shawna is also available to participate in panels, organized forums and events as a participant. Contact Admin@DesignerDiscipline.Com to inquire about corporate consulting and public speaking services designed to fit your needs.

Designer Discipline Wellness Coaching and Services

If beginning or re-energizing your wellness journey, Designer Discipline offers personalized services with a Designer Discipline Wellness Consultant Coach to help move you towards your desired and designed lifestyle by implementing healthy and nutritious foods into your everyday life via  the Designer Discipline Wellness Makeover Series. Services offered include.

  • Improving Overall Wellness (Including Health & Fitness)

  • Wellness Consultation

  • Wellness Drink Recipe

  • Meal Prep Shopping List

  • Personal Grocery Shopping Trip

  • Kitchen Cleanse Makeover

  • Designer Discipline Vegetarian or Vegan Recipe

  • Designer Discipline Delights

  • Follow-Up Consultations

Please contact Admin@DesignerDiscipline.Com to inquire about any Designer Discipline service, product  or merchandise.
Sponsors, advertisers, and those interested in interviews and/or becoming a Designer Discipline endorsed partner may also contact us at Admin@DesignerDiscipline.Com.